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If you are preparing for any Government exam, then you might be aware of the importance of maths for scoring in any competitive exam. Or you might have searched that who is the best Math teacher on YouTube, or the best Math teacher on YouTube in India. Math is a scoring subject for a few students and a nightmare for others. If you are starting your competitive exam preparation, then you should focus on your basic maths and concept clearing. And, you have to choose the best math Teachers for concept clearing.

For making this easy, in this article, we will tell you the best Math teachers for Competitive Exams on YouTube and they are also the best math teachers in India. They will guide you, motivate you, and will help you to achieve greater heights. And these top math teachers are not for competitive exams, but they are also the best math teachers on YouTube in India.

best maths teacher on youtube
best maths teacher on youtube

1. Abhinay Sharma Sir

  1. Subscribers: 1.96+ million
  2. Total views on the channel: 159+ million

Abhinay Sir is one of the best Math teachers in the country for competitive exam preparation. Abhinay Sir’s Youtube channel name is Abhinay maths. Abhinay sir also teaches offline in Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi. Abhinay Sir is also recognized as a Motivator and as well as an entertainer among students. He also fights for students and he was the man behind the “Modi_Job_do” campaign.

2. RaMo Sir

  1. Subscribers: 111k+
  2. Total views on the channel: 4+ million

Ramo Sir is a renowned math teacher on YouTube and a CAT 99.99%iler and followed by lakhs of SSC CGL aspirants. He is the Founder & CEO of Examo and Apttrix e-classes. You can watch his lessons on Ramo Maths or Examo YouTube Channels, or you can purchase his course. His course is also reasonable, and anyone can afford that.

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3. Gagan Pratap Sir

  1. Subscribers: 2.75+millions
  2. Total views on the channel: 58+ million

Gagan Pratap Sir is a very popular maths teacher in India for competitive exams. He provides high-quality education on Careerwill App for various competitive exams like SSC BANK, RAILWAY EXAMS & All Other Gov. exams. You Can check out previous Exam analyses on his channel.

4. Rakesh Yadav

  1. Subscribers: 3.15+millions
  2. Total views on the channel: 182+ million

Rakesh Yadav Sir owns the Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication, and Rakesh sir is one of the best math teachers for competitive exams in India. He teaches for all kinds of competitive exams like SSC, Bank, Railway, State Level Exams, etc. Some students say that Rakesh Yadav’s class notes are more than sufficient to understand the concepts.

5. Saket Sir

  1. Subscribers (UTKARSH CLASSES JODHPUR): 7.2+ million
  2. Total views on the channel: 1.18+ billion

Saket sir is one of the most renowned teachers, and in the past, he has cleared Bank P.O and RAS, CAT, CDS, RBI, SSC, and various exams. Saket Sir teaches on YouTube Channel named Utkarsh Classes Jodhpur, which has more than 7.2 million subscribers. You Can watch Saket sir’s lectures on YouTube.

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6. Sahil Sir

  1. Subscribers (wifistudy): 14.5+ million
  2. Total views on the channel: 2.4+ billion

Sahil Khandelwal is one of the biggest names in math teaching. He teaches on wifistudy’s YouTube channel, which has more than 14 million subscribers. Sahil Sir is the number 2 educator on Unacademy educator in SSC Exams. His one video crossed 17M Views with more than 1M Likes, the highest number of views on an educational video in the Test Prep Category on YouTube.

7. Dixit Sir

  1. Subscribers: 194k+
  2. Total views on the channel: 9+ million

Avadhesh Dixit sir is working as Income Tax Inspector. He has cleared SSC CGL Exam twice. And, also cleared various defense exams like NDA, CDSE, and AFCAT many times. He is sharing his knowledge with students and guiding them using YouTube. You can watch his various playlists on his channel named Dixit Sir.

8. Mohit Goel Sir

  1. Subscribers: 266K+
  2. Total views on the channel: 15+ million

Mohit Goel Sir is one of the best math teachers For Competitive Exams in India on YouTube. He has achieved his dreams by cracking one of India’s Toughest exams five times. He cleared the SSC CGL exam’s all tiers in his first attempt.

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9. Pawan Rao Sir

  1. Subscribers: 690k+
  2. Total views on channel : 53+ millions

Pawan Rao sir is one of the greatest math teachers in India, who is giving free knowledge to students. On his YouTube channel, he teaches maths for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, NTPC, CDS, and Railways Exams. Pawan Rao sir teaches students free of cost and helps them in clearing various competitive exams.

These are the Best Math Teachers for Competitive Exams on YouTube in India. Few other Math teachers are working hard to teach unprivileged students and help them to achieve their goals.

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