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Seeker times: About Us
Seeker Times

Seeker Times was founded by Chitransh Sharma on 26 February 2021 with an initial capital of Rs. 3030. And, the sole purpose behind it is to spread knowledge and true news to every person.

We all are aware of the four pillars of democracy, and the fourth pillar – media – is the most important one among them. But, with time, it was harmed by a few people, and the media forgot their work. We are trying to provide you with news, knowledge, and the truth without any charges.

https://seekertimes.com is an Independent news website where you will get facts, free of cost. And, if you want to help us then you have to share Seeker Times with your friends. Or, if you have any suggestions or queries then you can contact us on https://seekertimes.com/contact-us/.