Abhinay Sharma – The Man behind “Modi_Job_do” campaign

Abhinay Sharma is a famous maths teacher and YouTuber. He is popular among the students for his way of teaching. His institute – Abhinay Sharma Classes – is one of the main centres for study in Delhi.

This article is about the man who is fighting against the system for the students who can create a better future and make this nation a true world leader.

Starting life and education- Abhinay Sharma

Abhinay Sharma was born in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. He told in one of his interviews about the poor educational status of his village. His mother and father were not educated enough to give proper guidance for his further studies, but both used to support Abhinay a lot in terms of Education.

He is not good at English since the start, and the problem persists till now. But, he was good with numbers and with time, his interest in mathematics also started growing.

Abhinay Sharma – The man behind ” Modi_job_do ” Campaign

He wants to be an actor and to pursue that career he moved to Delhi. Due to the poor financial condition of the family, he starts giving maths tuition. And, started to focus on his studies.

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He was giving tuition because of financial problems, but with time it becomes a passion. And with the motive to pay back the world and follow his passion, he quit his job at TCS. Because of the same reason, he didn’t do the government job even after clearing the SSC-CGL five times and pursue the passion of teaching as an occupation.

Interesting things about Abhinay Sharma

  • Abhinay Sharma wants to be an actor, that’s why he comes to Delhi. But because of financial reasons, he started teaching maths, and teaching becomes his hobby.
  • Most people know that he cleared SSC-CGL five times, but only few are aware that he also failed twice in 2012 and 2013.
  • Abhinay Sharma gifts iPhones to those students of his institute who score 200 out of 200 in the SSC-CGL exam.
  • There is one Youtube video on his YouTube channel in which he was doing stand up comedy. You can watch it here.

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