Top 5 Covid Conspiracy Theories: Beware of these Theories

covid Conspiracy

There are many conspiracy theories related to the origin of Covid-19 and these conspiracy theories make the Covid-19 pandemic worse. Here are the top 5 Covid Conspiracy theories revolving around. Covid Conspiracy 1: Bill gates as a victim Many people gave two logics to support this conspiracy theory. The first was that, in a 2015 … Read more

Everything you need to know about Black Fungus: Symptoms, precautions | Covid-19

Mucormycosis or Black Fungus

Where India is still fighting covid-19 disease, another new disease that has started spreading its havoc in India. This disease called black fungus has killed many people in many states of the country. So, let’s see, what is black fungus? Why Covid-19 and diabetes patients are more at risk, what are its symptoms and what … Read more