Yamaha RX-100 in India 2023: Price, Launch Date, Features, Specifications, Reviews

Yamaha RX-100: Yamaha’s RX100 has gained a reputation for its outstanding performance, making it a favorite among Indian enthusiasts. In a recent announcement, Yamaha India’s Chairman, Eishin Chihana, confirmed the revival of the RX100. Chihana acknowledged the mistake in creating a BS6-compliant engine and expressed the company’s intention to reintroduce the RX100 brand with a modern touch while retaining its essence.

The Yamaha RX-100 is a street bike expected to be launched in India in January 2025, with an estimated price range of Rs. 1,40,000 – Rs. 1,50,000. This launch will be alongside other Yamaha models like the MT-07 and R7. While details about the launch dates of these bikes are available elsewhere, the Yamaha RX100 has the potential to stand out as a powerful 100cc bike, provided Yamaha manages to balance engine performance with strict emission regulations in the competitive market of commuter motorcycles.

Yamaha RX-100 in India 2023
Yamaha RX-100 in India 2023

Yamaha RX-100 2023: 

Yamaha acknowledges that creating a bike of such renowned stature requires careful planning and cannot be rushed. The goal is to deliver an impactful package with a powerful engine and captivating design. While the prospect of a modern version of the Yamaha RX100 is exciting, reintroducing it after several years may not align well with the market’s shift towards electric scooters and bikes.

Yamaha recognizes that internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles will need to meet stringent emission standards in real-world conditions, and by 2026, the implementation of BS7 norms is expected. Additionally, the widespread usage of lithium-ion batteries is driving their price down, which could support Yamaha’s case if they consider introducing an electric version of the RX100 in the future.

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Yamaha rx-100 2023 Latest Details

Name of CompanyYamaha
Bike NameYamaha RX-100
Article ForYamaha RX-100 Price in India 2023, Launch Date, Features, Full Specifications, Booking Online, Colours, Waiting Time, Reviews
Official Websitewww.yamaha-motor-india.com

Yamaha RX100 Latest Updates 2023: 

Yamaha has announced the comeback of the RX100 in India with a fresh new look. Stay tuned to find out the official release date of this highly anticipated motorcycle. Additionally, Yamaha has also unveiled the second-generation FZ16 Yamaha RX100 scrambler, which is worth considering.

The Yamaha RX100 featured a 98cc single-cylinder engine that delivered 11PS of power at 7500rpm. The engine was air-cooled, and the company claimed a 0-60kmph acceleration time of 7.5 seconds. The RX100 gained immense popularity among enthusiasts due to its unmatched reliability and affordability. It remained one of India’s most beloved two-stroke machines until it was eventually replaced by the RX-G.

Yamaha RX-100 Bike 2023 Features: 

Mobile ConnectivityNo
Fuel gaugeYes

Yamaha has confirmed the reentry of the RX100 in India. Here is the anticipated launch schedule. Additionally, the first-generation FZ16 Yamaha RX100 scrambler is worth checking out. Recently, a video showcasing the production of the Yamaha RX100 at India’s Escorts Yamaha plant has resurfaced online. Furthermore, a Mumbai-based custom house has given the Yamaha RX100 a scrambler makeover, which is discussed in detail in the article mentioned above.

Yamaha RX-100 Specifications: 

It is essential to familiarize yourself with the detailed specifications of the Yamaha RX-100 before making a purchase decision. Examining the specifications will assist you in determining if the bike meets your requirements. If you are searching for a bike that is ideal for commuting in India, the Yamaha RX100 is a perfect choice. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and equipped with features such as an LCD monitor, cruise control, and ABS brakes, ensuring a safe and manageable riding experience.

Displacement98 cc
Engine TypeAir-Cooled, Single-Cylinder, Gasoline 7 Port Torque Induction
No. of Cylinders1
Max Power11 PS @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque10.39 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Fuel Capacity10 L
Body TypeCommuter Bikes

Chassis and Suspension

Body TypeCommuter Bikes

Dimensions and Capacity

Width740 mm
Length1965 mm
Height1040 mm
Fuel Capacity10 L
Saddle Height765 mm
Ground Clearance136 mm
Wheelbase1245 mm


Tail LightBulb
Turn Signal LampBulb


Top Speed110 kmph

Motor & Battery

Peak Power11 PS @ 7500 rpm
Drive TypeChain Drive


Charging At HomeNo
Charging At Charging StationNo


Suspension FrontTelescopic Fork
Suspension RearSwing Arm (Adjustable 5 Positions)
Brakes FrontDrum
Brakes RearDrum

Yamaha RX-100 Price in India 2023:

The Yamaha RX100 is a new commuter bike designed to provide quick and comfortable transportation. It is available in a single variant with a starting price of Rs. 1 Lakh. The expected launch date is in December 2026. In this discussion, we will cover the bike’s design, features, specifications, buying process, and reviews. If you need a bike that offers convenient and efficient commuting, the Yamaha RX100 might be the ideal choice. It features a comfortable seat and handlebars, ensuring an enjoyable riding experience. Moreover, its versatility and affordability make it a highly desirable option.

Yamaha RX-100 Launch Date:

The highly anticipated Yamaha RX-100 street bike is scheduled to be launched in India in January 2025. It is expected to be available in the price range of Rs. 1,40,000 – Rs. 1,50,000 in India. Motorcycle enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the reimagined Yamaha RX-100 in the upcoming year.

List of upcoming Yamaha bikes in India.

Sl. No.Name of upcoming Yamaha bikes (India)Expected launch date
1Yamaha XSR155June 2023
2Yamaha YZF R3October 2023
3Yamaha MT-07September 2024
4Yamaha RX 100December 2026

Top Speed:

The Yamaha RX 100 offers not only fuel efficiency and user-friendly features like a camera and GPS but also impressive top-speed capabilities. With its powerful engine and lightweight design, the Yamaha RX 100 can achieve impressive speeds, making it an excellent choice for riders looking for a thrilling ride experience.

Yamaha RX 100 Design & Style:

The design of the new Yamaha RX 100 is characterized by its simplicity and attractive aesthetics. The motorcycle features a sleek and minimalistic design with a single-unit flat seat, an analog instrument cluster, chrome fenders, an exhaust, and a headlamp casing. The round-shaped headlights add to its classic appeal. The Yamaha RX 100 is available in three appealing colors: Red, Blue, and Silver. Additionally, the bike can be customized with accessories such as a crash bar, saree guard, and luggage carrier to suit individual preferences.

Mileage & Colors Options in Yamaha RX 100:

The Yamaha RX100, a result of Yamaha’s innovative approach, has gained immense popularity and has become a legendary motorcycle. It offers a mileage range of 35-45 KMPL, making it a fuel-efficient option for riders. This contributes to its appeal and enduring value, as collectors today are willing to pay significant amounts for a well-preserved RX100. 

In terms of colors, the new Yamaha RX 100 is available in a range of vibrant options including Red, Black, White, Blue, Grey, and Silver. These color choices allow riders to select a style that suits their personal preferences.

Competitors of Yamaha RX 100:

The Yamaha RX100 not only offers versatility and reliability but also stands as an affordable and dependable option for riders. It is a reliable and easy-to-operate motorcycle, making it an excellent choice for urban riders who seek a cost-effective yet high-quality ride. The Yamaha RX100 competes with several renowned bikes in India, and its outstanding features and performance make it a worthy competitor in the market.

Waiting Time for Yamaha RX-100 Bike:

With Yamaha’s established reputation as a leading motorcycle brand, the waiting time for the Yamaha RX-100 is typically around 2-3 months after its launch. Due to its high demand and popularity among riders, there may be a waiting period before customers can get their hands on this sought-after bike.

How to Book Yamaha RX-100 Online 2023:

To book the Yamaha RX-100 online in 2023, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Yamaha website at Yamaha-motor-india.com.

2. Navigate to the main page of the website.

3. Look for the Yamaha RX-100 Booking option.

4. Check the bike price and carefully read all the instructions provided.

5. Proceed to the Booking section and fill in all the required details as instructed.

6. Complete the booking procedure as per the provided guidelines.

7. During the booking process, you have to make the payment as specified.

8. Once the booking is completed, your favorite bike will be reserved.

9. The bike delivery will be made to you after a few months or as indicated by the company.

By following these steps, you can conveniently book the Yamaha RX-100 online and look forward to receiving your bike at your designated delivery time.

Benefits of Owning a Yamaha RX-100:

Owning a Yamaha RX-100 comes with several advantages, including:

  1. Lightweight and Agile: The Yamaha RX-100 is known for its lightweight construction, making it highly maneuverable and agile on the roads. It’s compact size and nimble handling makes it ideal for navigating through traffic and tight spaces.
  2. Quick Acceleration: With its powerful 98cc, single-cylinder, two-stroke air-cooled engine, the Yamaha RX-100 offers impressive acceleration. 
  3. Responsive Performance: The RX-100’s engine produces 11 bhp of peak power and 10.39 Nm of peak torque, providing a lively and responsive performance. This ensures an exhilarating riding experience, especially in city commuting.
  4. Efficient Gearbox: Equipped with a 4-speed gearbox, the Yamaha RX-100 offers smooth and precise gear shifts. The well-matched gear ratios enable efficient power delivery and optimal performance in various riding conditions.

Overall, the Yamaha RX-100 delivers a combination of lightweight agility, quick acceleration, and responsive performance, making it a thrilling and enjoyable motorcycle to own and ride.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the features of the Yamaha RX100?

The Yamaha RX100, popularly known as the ‘Pocket Rocket,’ was a lightweight motorcycle known for its quick acceleration. It has a 98cc, single-cylinder, two-stroke air-cooled engine that generates a peak power of 11 bhp and a peak torque of 10.39 Nm.

What is the full form of RX 100?

The full form of RX100 is Racing X-cross 100.

Is there any special offer available for the purchase of the Yamaha RX100 in India?

Special offers for the purchase of Yamaha RX100 in India are often available during festivals and special occasions. It is advisable to check for any ongoing promotions or discounts during such times.

Who is the manufacturer of the Yamaha RX100?

The Yamaha Motor Company manufactures Yamaha RX100.

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