Non-Teslas will soon be able to use the Supercharger network in the US

By Chitransh Sharma

Tesla Superchargers are the best public EV charging grids in North America, with more than 1,000 locations. 

This information comes from Elon Musk, talking at the Financial Times Future of the Car event. 

The issue with opening up the Supercharging network has always been the fact that Tesla uses a proprietary charging plug-in in North America.

The Tesla connector predates the CCS-1 measure that has been embraced by the rest of the auto industry, and the two are intrinsically inconsistent. 

Musk has earlier advised the adapter method could be a possibility, but now it sounds like a more permanent answer is on the cards.

To go down the adapter way, Tesla would have to design a Tesla-to-CCS adapter, then influence enough people to buy it to make it worthwhile.

Tesla is taking the matter of non-Tesla Supercharging seriously, and it looks like a U.S. rollout could be very soon.

The quicker we all get access to Superchargers, the finer the EV experience will be for everyone.

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By Chitransh Sharma