Children’s Day 2021: Why do we celebrate 14th November as Children’s Day in India?

In India, every year, we celebrate 14 November as Children’s day. The main purpose of celebrating 14 November as Children’s day is to increase awareness about children’s right and their education. This year’s Children’s Day is going to be very different as most of the kids haven’t been able to go to school for the last one and a half years, and might not even be able to go to school this time on Children’s Day. Let’s see, what is the history of Children’s day, and why do we celebrate 14 November as Children’s day in India?

Children's day 2021
Children’s Day 2021

On 14 November 1889, the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born. And he was known among children as Chacha Nehru. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru considered children as the real strength of a nation and the foundation of society. 

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Children’s Day is being celebrated on 14 November in India since 1956, but earlier, it was celebrated on 20 November. After the death of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, his birth anniversary was chosen as the date of Children’s Day in India, and since then, the birthday of the children’s beloved, Chacha Nehru, was celebrated as Children’s Day.

History of Children’s Day

After the death of Chacha Nehru, a resolution was passed in the Indian Parliament to celebrate the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India as Children’s Day. This was done because he was very popular among children. After getting the approval, 14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. 

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Importance of children’s day

Apart from paying tribute to Nehru, the country’s first Prime Minister on Children’s Day, this day is celebrated to talk about the rights of children, their care, and education. Chacha Nehru had said that today’s children would make tomorrow’s India. The way we take care of them will decide the future of the country.”

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Children’s Day Celebrations

 In India, Children’s Day is celebrated with great pomp in schools and other educational institutions. Toys, sweets, and gifts are presented to the children to make the day special for them. On the occasion of Children’s Day, schools across India organize fun and inspiring events including fancy dress competitions, speech, and essay competitions.

In our country, children are forced to do hard labor on a very low income. They do not get modern education, so they remain backward. We need to take them forward which is possible when all Indians understand their responsibilities.

Children are the future of the country and are very precious, they are the hope of our tomorrow. Children’s Day celebration is a good step in their future.

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