How is Airtel Beating Jio? Can Airtel become the market leader again?

Airtel Beating Jio: Airtel and Jio are India’s two biggest telecom service providers. When Mukesh Ambani launched Jio, people thought it would create a monopoly and all other telecom service providing companies would be bank corrupt. But, after almost five years, Airtel is the only company that is giving competition to Jio and defeating it in numbers. Let’s see how is Airtel beating Jio?

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The Internet was born again in India on 5 September 2016. On 5 September 2016, Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Industries, launched Jio and announced to provide free data and voice calls till 31 December 2016.

After the launch of Jio, there was a flood of subscribers of Jio, and the subscribers of Jio started growing very fast. Due to the incredibly cheap plans of Jio, other service providers were very troubled and were constantly going into debt.

How is Airtel Beating Jio? Can Airtel become the market leader again?
Airtel and Jio

After the launch of Jio, some telecom service-providing companies either closed down or had to be merged. While other companies reached the verge of closure due to Jio’s cheap plans and regulations, on the other hand, only Airtel was the only company that gave tough competition to Jio, and today, after almost five years, once again trying to lead in the telecom sector.

In June 2021, Airtel surpassed Jio in adding active users. In June 2021, Airtel added 24.3 lakhs, active users, whereas Jio only managed to add 23.7 lakhs, active users, according to data released by the Telecom Regularity of India.

Airtel not only surpassed Jio in adding active users but also surpassed Jio in total market share in the telecom industry. 

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Active subscriber base (June 2021) 

  • Bharti Airtel: 34.37 crore 
  • Vodafone Idea: 24.17 crore 
  • Reliance Jio: 34.04 crore

After Reliance Jio’s exceptional entry and pricing, it reached a market share of 56% at its peak in 2019, and at that time, Airtel only had a 20% market share. So, how did Airtel manage to claw its way back and beat Jio, and how did it build trust in the customer?


According to Opensignal, a network analytics company, Airtel outperforms Jio in download speed and network coverage. According to Economic Times, Airtel added 5,300 broadband towers per quarter in the past three quarters.
Airtel is investing heavily in providing a good quality network. This is one reason why is Airtel beating Jio.

High-Value Customers

In December 2019, Airtel increased the price of its cheapest plan from Rs. 23 to Rs. 49. Because of this, Airtel lost its 4.8 Cr users but, it helped the company in increasing profit and profit is helping the company to provide good services. This is also one of the biggest reasons that helped Airtel in beating Jio and again established itself.


Like Jio, Airtel is also creating its ecosystem, which helps in retaining customers. Airtel leveraged its already widespread DTH(Xstream) and broadband (Fiber) services to lure and retain customers into its ecosystem by providing lucrative package deals.

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These points are helping Airtel in beating Jio. But, Jio is not far behind then Airtel, and the competition in the telecom space is heating day by day, which ultimately benefits the customers as they enjoy the services for cheap.

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