2021 Winter session of Parliament | Know Everything about the Winter session of Parliament 2021-22.

The winter session of Parliament is starting from 29/11/2021 and the opposition has made it clear that there is a possibility of an uproar this time too.

Know Everything about the Winter session of Parliament

The government has already announced the withdrawal of three controversial agriculture laws. On the very first day of the session, the government can issue a bill to withdraw them. Earlier, the issue of farmers dominated the all-party meeting called by the government on the eve of the winter session.

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However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not attend this meeting. At the same time, the Aam Aadmi Party boycotted the meeting. Apart from the opposition, many parties which are seen with BJP have also supported the demand of farmers for a minimum support price.

26 Bills for the winter session of Parliament

Indian Government has listed a total of 26 Bills for this session. These also include cryptocurrencies and the official digital currency regulation bill. Through this bill, the Government of India wants to monitor the use of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Women’s Reservation Bill in the winter session of Parliament

In the all-party meeting, many parties have also demanded the early introduction of the Women’s Reservation Bill. In this meeting held just before the winter session, the Left parties raised the issue of non-attendance of the Prime Minister in the meeting.

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At the same time, Trinamool Congress and YSR Congress Party appealed not to sell profit-making public companies. In this meeting, the opposition parties also raised the issues of inflation, unemployment, Pegasus, Women’s Reservation Bill, BSF’s area expansion loudly.

A bill to amend the NDPS in the Winter session of Parliament

A bill to amend the NDPS (Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) can also be brought during the winter session. The bill to regularize the nursing sector will also be on the agenda of the government.

Immigration Bill

Apart from this, the government can also bring the Immigration Bill, 2021. Its purpose is to replace the Immigration Act of 1983.

The government says that it is bringing this new bill to bring transparency in matters related to immigration.

Privatization of two public banks

A bill related to the privatization of two public banks can also be introduced during the winter session.

Bill to increase the salary of Judges

A bill can also be brought regarding the increase in the salary of the judges of the High Court and the Supreme Court.

Personal data protection bill, 2019

The report of the Joint Committee of Parliament on Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 can also be presented in the House.

To protect the personal data of the people, a bill was introduced in the Parliament in the year 2019, which was sent to the Parliamentary Committee.

SC-ST communities

A bill related to changes in the list of SC-ST communities in Uttar Pradesh can also be brought to the House. Assembly elections are to be held soon in Uttar Pradesh, so this bill is important.

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Second Amendment) Bill 

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Second Amendment) Bill and the Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority (Amendment) Bill are also on the list of parliamentary businesses.

Bill to stop human trafficking in the winter session of Parliament

Apart from this, a bill is also being brought to stop human trafficking. The Trafficking (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill aims to specifically prevent the trafficking of women and children.

Opposition’s role in the winter session of Parliament

The main party of the BJP and the opposition Congress has issued a whip to its MPs to be present on the first day of the winter session.

Will the effect of the farmers’ movement be seen?

Impact of farmer’s protest

Thousands of farmers have been staging a sit-in on the borders of Delhi for a year against the three controversial agricultural laws. The government has announced the withdrawal of all three laws a few days ago, and now a bill to withdraw them is being introduced in Parliament.

Although the government has said in the bill, ‘Although only a small group of farmers are opposing them, the need of the hour is to take everyone along for inclusive development.

The decision to withdraw all three laws due to farmers’ agitation is one of the biggest decisions of the Modi government in the last year. Prime Minister Modi had always been advocating these laws and the government had been saying that they can be changed but they will not be withdrawn.

But now the government has backtracked. Despite this, the farmers have not yet backed down from the movement. Farmers’ organizations say that they will continue their demand for a minimum support price.

The farmers are adamant the opposition will not leave any opportunity to surround the government on the issue of farmers in Parliament.

Congress has demanded from the government that tribute should be paid to the farmers who lost their lives in the agitation in Parliament.

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