Why are Russia and China supporting Taliban?

The Taliban captured 90% of Afghanistan’s territory just a few weeks after the US and other countries’ troops withdrew from Afghanistan. The quick fall of Afghanistan was a big shock for the world, but on the other hand, China and Russia are supporting the Taliban and looking forward to trading with them. But the foremost question is, why are Russia and China supporting Taliban? And, not only China and Russia but also Pakistan and Iran are on the same list.

In a recent statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that they are working to maintain the connection with the Afghan Taliban and for Afghanistan’s sovereignty and the will of all factions in the country, attempting to play a constructive role in promoting the political settlement.

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The strategy of supporting the Taliban by China and Russia will put the US on the back foot in Afghanistan, which will increase the hold of China and Russia in the countries of Asia. But, the US also endorsed the significance of the atypical strategies adopted by China and Russia. Despite the provocative nature of their complementary relations, the first countries Washington reached after the collapse of Kabul were China and Russia.

Chinese Government adviser on Central Asia and professor at Lanzhou University, Zhu Yongbiao said, “the incautious behavior of the US has benefited China and strongly weakened the image of the US with its associates.”

Recently, the Russian foreign ministry stated that they agreed to meet Afghan officials with the assistance of China, Pakistan, and other interested countries to start general inter-Afghan talks within the new conditions. Senior Asian strategists told the Financial Times that China was ready to stump up hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the reconstruction of important foundations in Afghanistan. He/she added that the Chinese investments in support projects could follow the rebuilding of Afghanistan’s prosperity.

Russia and China supporting Taliban for gaining power in South Asia and looking forward to trading with them. What are the reasons behind this strategy.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping make pancakes during a visit to the Far East Street exhibition on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia | Reuters

Avoiding Terrorist Attacks

The Taliban have captured almost all of Afghanistan and may become the primary source of spreading terrorism around the world in the coming times. And he believes that it is necessary to talk to the Taliban to maintain peace in Central Asia. In this connection, Nikolai Bordyuzha, the former secretary-general of the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), said, “If we want there to be peace in Central Asia, we need to talk to the Taliban.”

To avoid Spillover in China and Russia

China does not want radical Islam to reach the Xinjiang region of China, where they detained more than one million Uighur Muslims. And to avoid this spillover, China needs to have the support of the Taliban. And, China also does not want Afghanistan to protect the Anti-China Fighters.

Russia is also concerned about its central Asian acquaintances being influenced by radical Islamist groups. Russia knows that the cooperation of the Taliban is prominent to keep the extremist elements away from Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the money game

China is investing a lot of money in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under the Belt and Road Initiative and as of now, the only security threat is Terrorism, and without the cooperation of the Taliban, it will be unsafe from terrorist attacks.

Both Russia and China are aware of the natural resources and minerals present in Afghanistan. China is already relieved that they have no problem working with the Taliban. Developing economic association with the Taliban will also benefit China keep India out of Afghanistan entirely.

After the departure of the American Army from Afghanistan, Russia and China have got an opportunity to strengthen their grasp in Afghanistan. Because America’s presence in Afghanistan had become a matter of great concern for China and Russia, and now both these countries can spread their hands further. And both these countries will take advantage of this opportunity to hold on to Afghanistan.

Because of these reasons, China and Russia are trying to become friends with the Taliban and trying to do business with them.

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