Afghanistan: Shocking Photos and videos from Afghanistan

Shocking Photos and videos from Afghanistan

Even five days after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the situation at Kabul Airport remains dangerous. Firing starts outside the airport now and then. No one knows when the people who oppose the Taliban get shot. The biggest thing is that Taliban fighters stationed outside Kabul airport are unable to read and understand passport-visa. In … Read more

Why are Russia and China supporting Taliban?

Russia and China supporting Taliban for gaining power in South Asia and looking forward to trading with them. What are the reasons behind this strategy.

The Taliban captured 90% of Afghanistan’s territory just a few weeks after the US and other countries’ troops withdrew from Afghanistan. The quick fall of Afghanistan was a big shock for the world, but on the other hand, China and Russia are supporting the Taliban and looking forward to trading with them. But the foremost … Read more

A Brief History of Afghanistan | Full Timeline of Afghanistan in less than 2000 words.

this is how Afghanistan looked like in 1970s

Afghanistan is an Islamic and landlocked country in the north-west of India, with mostly mountains and desert within the country. And, only 12% of the land is fit for cultivation. Because of its location, Afghanistan has been a center of various cultures. And, one historiographer termed Afghanistan as a ‘roundabout of the ancient world’. Afghanistan … Read more