Why is your two-wheeler insurance claim rejected? Know the reason and how to avoid it.

Two-wheeler insurance claim rejected: After buying two-wheeler insurance, most policyholders think that all their problems will be solved. However, professionals in the insurance sector say that buying an insurance policy is only half the task, and the policyholder should understand that the second task is to settle the insurance claim properly. According to the Director of Probus Insurance, Rakesh Goel, we should thoroughly check the policy document while making a two-wheeler claim. Also, what does the insurance policy cover? It is essential to understand this as well. Let’s see why two-wheeler insurance claims get canceled in large numbers.

Why is your two-wheeler insurance claim rejected?
Why is your two-wheeler insurance claim rejected?

Two-wheeler insurance Claim Rejected Due to Breaking the Rules

Many times people start driving without a driving license. In such a situation, if an accident happens, the insurance company rejects the claim. Apart from this, many people also drive drunk. Because of this, the insurance company rejects the claim made in the event of an accident. In such a situation, whenever you drive a two-wheeler, drive with a valid document.

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Delay in paying the premium of the policy

The biggest reason for the rejection of two-wheeler insurance is not paying the premium on time. Sometimes vehicle owners do not renew their two-wheeler insurance policy on time, due to which the insurance company rejects the claim. Apart from this, even if you hide the accurate information while making an insurance claim, your claim can be rejected.

two-wheeler insurance claim rejected because of Modifying Two-Wheeler

Youth modify sports bikes. For which permission from RTO is necessary. But it has been seen in many claims that bikes or scooters are modified but the necessary paperwork is not completed for them. Because of this, also the insurance company can reject the claim.

Not transferring ownership

Many times two-wheeler owners sell their vehicles without transferring the ownership. In this situation, if an accident happens and a claim is made, the insurance company rejects it. Therefore, whenever you sell or buy an old vehicle, you must transfer its ownership. Because with the transfer of ownership of the vehicle, the insurance also gets transferred in the name of the new owner.

These are the primary reasons why is your two-wheeler insurance claim rejected.

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