After all, the government decided to turn off the Covid caller tune, Check Twitter users’ reaction to this

The government may soon stop the Covid caller tune, which has been working to make people aware of Corona for the last two years. According to the report, due to this caller tune, some people are getting delayed in making emergency calls. Because of this problem, the government is preparing to remove it. After the arrival of this news on social media, users are enjoying it a lot.

the government decided to turn off the Covid caller tune
the government decided to turn off the Covid caller tune

Some people are commenting through memes, while some people are saying that nothing can be more relief news than this. One Twitter user wrote that one cannot give a better gift than God. A Twitter handle named Anubhav wrote let’s talk good. Now people will at least be able to set the caller’s tune of their mind. Syma writes – Have you got relief?

Saurav Das writes that even the saddest man in this world will be happy with this news. Ajit Pawar writes, ‘This news has made the whole day. Many thanks to the Narendra Modi government for this.’ Aditya wrote – Oh God, finally, you brought that day. A Twitter user named Kapil writes that now it seems that there is a coronavirus.

Sooraj Suresh commented – Oh my God, how cool the heart has got to hear this news. Let’s give the score farewell now. will meet again as time goes by. Tane Mehta wrote that after reading this news, I do not know how much happiness I have got. Many congratulations to our ears.

Sahil Bhalla commented that finally… well this should have happened a long time ago. Gauri Singh writes that after hearing this news, she feels like dancing fast. Don’t know how long I was waiting for this news.

For information, through this Covid caller tune, the government was trying to make people aware of the Coronavirus and vaccine. With this, information is given about vaccination that the new year has brought a ray of new hope in the form of a vaccine for Covid-19. 

How To Turn Off covid caller tune (Android)

  • Step 1: Any Android users who want to turn off the Corona rescue ringtone. First of all, dial the number on which you want to call.
  • Step 2: Then as soon as the ring tone of the coronavirus starts, you have to press 1 number on the mobile.
  • Step 3: As soon as you press 1 number, the corona virus-related ring tone will be replaced by the normal ring tone.

How to turn off Covid caller tune(iOS users): 

Apple iOS users also have to follow the above procedure but after making a call, instead of 1 number on the mobile, press the hash (#). After this, your corona rescue ring tone will be turned off.

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