History of Mahashivratri: What is the reason behind celebrating Mahashivratri? Know the history and its related stories

History of Mahashivratri: Mahashivratri is celebrated as a symbol of Shiva’s marriage. If a vine leaf is unknowingly climbed on Shivling by a mere creature, then Nileshwar takes away the sins of court births and makes this life prosperous and salvation in the end time. And people get salvation by worshiping the four Prahar Belpatra, and Gangajal in Shivratri.

The 14th day of the month of Phalguna was the day on which Shiva first manifested himself in the form of a linga. This day is considered very auspicious and special. We celebrate this day as Mahashivratri. Worshiping Shiva on this day brings happiness and prosperity to that person.

Most of the people of India know that we celebrate Mahashivratri to commemorate the marriage of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. But some scholars believe that on the day of Shivaratri, Lord Shiva drank a poison named Kalakoot. Which came out of the ocean at the time of ocean churning. But the story related to a hunter has been described in Shiv Purana. In today’s article, we will tell you the History of Mahashivratri described in Shiv Puran.

History of MahaShivratri 2022: How to worship God Shiva on Mahashivratri | Don't forget to offer these things on Shivling on the day of Mahashivratri
MahaShivratri 2022: How to worship God Shiva on Mahashivratri | Don’t forget to offer these things on Shivling on the day of Mahashivratri

History of Mahashivratri

According to the story described in the Kotirudrasamhita of Shiva Purana, there lived a Bhil in a forest during the mythological period. And his name was Kurudruh. His family was gone. Apart from being strong and cruel, he also used to do cruel deeds. He used to kill deer and other animals every day and stay there and commit various types of thefts.

He had never done any auspicious work since childhood, just as that evil spirit Bhil passed away while living in the forest. Then one day, an auspicious Shivaratri came. But that evil soul was about to reside in a dense forest, so he did not know about that fast.

MahaShivratri 2022: How to worship God Shiva on Mahashivratri | Don’t forget to offer these things on Shivling on the day of Mahashivratri

On the same day, the parents and wife of that Bhil, distraught with hunger, started demanding food from him. On his repeated requests, Bhil immediately took a bow and went towards the forest, and started roaming in the forest to hunt deer. Incidentally, he did not get anything that day and the sun went down. This made him very sad, and he started thinking that what should I do now? Where should I go? Today, I did not get anything; What will happen to the children, and what will happen to the parents and my wife? So I should go home with something. Thinking so, he reached near a reservoir.

There he waited for Jaljeev to kill him and take him home. After this, he climbed a nearby vine tree with water and sat down. It was night while waiting, and when the first watch started, a thirsty deer came there. As soon as the bow was made to hunt him, some bel leaves and water from the tree inadvertently fell on the Shivling installed below. Before this Prahar was worshipped. After some time, another deer came there and as before, raised an arrow to kill her, then the second Prahar of Lord Shiva was worshipped. It continued like this, and the third Prahar was also worshipped.

Then a herd of deer came, for which he again shot an arrow, and the fourth Prahar of Shivling was worshipped. In the end, he knows and does not hunt any deer. Pleased on this, Lord Shankar appeared and gave him the name Guha by giving him the boon of happiness and prosperity. This was the cave with which Lord Shri Ram had befriended in Tretayuga. This story of Mahashivratri ends here. This is the History of Mahashivratri.

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