Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Russia-Ukraine conflict could kill thousands, New York Times reports

America’s leading daily newspaper, The New York Times, said in a report on Sunday that 50,000 civilians could die due to the situation of military tension in Ukraine. The newspaper has claimed this by quoting a senior US official. According to the official report, the number of Ukrainian soldiers who can lose their lives in this conflict could be up to 25 thousand, and the number of such soldiers of Russia could be up to 10 thousand.

Russo Ukraine conflict

The official said that as a result of the conflict, 10 to 5 million people might have to become refugees and most of them will move to Poland. Meanwhile, Russia sent long-range nuclear-capable bombers on patrol on Saturday to its ally Belarus, amid escalating tensions with Ukraine. With this deployment, Russia’s military presence near Ukraine has increased, which has increased the possibility of Russia attacking Ukraine.

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On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit Russia and Ukraine in the coming week. The visit will boost diplomatic efforts to find a solution by holding talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to deal with the escalating tensions over Ukraine. Macron will travel to Moscow on Monday and Kiev on Tuesday. Scholz will travel to Kiev on 14 February and Moscow on 15 February.

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