Rafael Nadal: 5 Tennis Stars Set to Use PR at the 2024 Australian Open

Rafael Nadal’s Use of Protected Ranking (PR) at the 2024 Australian Open:

Rafael Nadal opts for a PR entry instead of a wildcard, securing a place in the main draw. This move impacts wildcard allocations, leaving eight slots available.

Other Tennis Stars Embracing the PR Opportunity:

Several other notable players will join Nadal in using the PR provision at the Australian Open 2024.

Protected Ranking: A Vital Tool for Injured Players:

PR in tennis aids athletes recovering from long-term injuries. Enables immediate return to pre-injury competition level, irrespective of current ranking.

Inclusive Provision for Both Genders:

PR extends to female players on maternity breaks, ensuring a fair opportunity for return.

ATP and WTA Guidelines for PR Usage:

ATP allows PR for nine months or nine tournaments upon return, with an extension to 12 months for lay-offs exceeding a year.

WTA rules differ slightly: 6-12 months of absence allows for eight tournaments in one season, while over a year extends to 12.

PR Limitations: Unseeded Entries Only:

Despite its benefits, PR provides only unseeded entry opportunities for players.

Five players are set to utilize their Protected Ranking in tennis for the 2024 Australian Open.

Rafael Nadal

   – Rafael Nadal Returns to tennis at Brisbane International, preparing for the 2024 Australian Open.

   – Out of action since early last year, falling outside the top 600.

   – Utilizing Protected Ranking (PR) at No.11 for direct entry into the Grand Slam.

Naomi Osaka

   – Multiple Grand Slam winners making a comeback after a break since September 2022.

   – Opts for PR entry at No.46 after not playing for a year and a half.

   – Targets a third Australian Open title.

Marin Cilic

   – 2014 US Open champion with limited ATP matches in 2023 due to a knee injury.

   – Falls outside the top 600, entering the 2024 Australian Open with PR at No.21.

   – Previously reached the final in Melbourne in 2018.

Milos Raonic

   – Former World No.3 played in 2023 Wimbledon and US Open with PR (No.33).

   – Missed 2022 season; ranks at World No. 318.

   – Aiming for success in Melbourne after notable wins on PR, including over Frances Tiafoe.

Denis Shapovalov

   – Had a promising 2023 season cut short by injury.

   – Ranks at World No. 109 but chooses PR entry at No.27 over qualifiers for the 2024 Australian Open.

   – Eyes improvement on his quarterfinal finish in the 2022 AO.

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