Israel-Palestine conflict: Everything you need to know

The Israel-Palestine conflict, which has always been in controversy, is re-heated. Whose fault it is, Israel or Palestine? What is Hamas? What is Gaza Strip? Why there is a dispute over the Western Bank and Jerusalem. In this article, we have tried to explain it in an easy way.

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Major reasons, history
Israel-Palestine conflict rockets

Israel and Palestine are located in the Middle East, and most of the people here belong to the Muslim community. In the beginning, the area where Israel is today, was Palestine and Jewish used to live here, and there was no concept of a country. The dispute between Israel and Palestine started after World War 2 when the British decided to split the country into two regions. In 1948, when the British created the concept of two countries and the partition led to the dispute between people (just like India and Pakistan). The British took this dispute to the UNO. After that, UNO established Israel under the BALFOUR DECLARATION. And on 14 May 1948, Israel was established.

In this division, the UNO gave 48% to Palestine, 44% to Israel. And keep control of Palestine’s capital, Jerusalem, but the Arab countries did not like it and attacked Israel and Israel won that war.

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Why UNO took the control of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a holy place of three religions. Christians believe that Christ was born in Bethlehem and Bethlehem is in Jerusalem. The Jews believe that all their people live here, god promised the land to the patriarch Abraham and the Jewish people settled and developed the land. And, the third holiest mosque of Muslims, Al-Aqsa, is also in Jerusalem.

Palestine: After Partition

The Israel-Palestine conflict started after the the partition of Palestine.

After the partition, the Palestine region divided into Palestine, Israel, and Jerusalem. Disputes between Israel and Palestine increased gradually over the years, and Israel began to occupy Palestine. And, gradually, Palestine divided into two regions, the first is the Western Bank, and the second is the Gaza Strip.

People in the Western Bank region of Palestine democratically oppose Israel. The Western Bank Region gets the support of Arab countries. But, the battle is happening between Gaza and Israel; Gaza is firing rockets.

In Gaza, there is a terrorist organization called Hamas. Hamas says that, Israel always persecutes us, occupies our land, and in protest against all these atrocities, Hamas organizations also attack Israel.

East Jerusalem conflict

Israel views Jerusalem as its unified, eternal capital. In the Mideast war of 1967, Israel captured East Jerusalem, including the Old City. Palestinians want those regions for their future state, with East Jerusalem serving as their future capital. But Israel occupied the eastern part of the city in a move not known internationally. The fate of east Jerusalem has been one of the most difficult issues in the peace process, which ground to an end more than a decade ago.

Israelis on Monday were set to mark Jerusalem Day, a national holiday rejoicing the annexation. In earlier years, thousands of Israelis — mainly religious nationalists — have forged ahead through the Old City, including the densely populated Muslim Quarter, in a presentation considered alluring by many Palestinians.

In modern days, hard-line Israelis have staged other events in east Jerusalem, leading to scattered, violent altercations with Palestinians.

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Broader Distress

Conflicts in Jerusalem, and especially in Al-Aqsa, usually reverberate across the region. The Palestinian militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza, has called for a new intifada, or upheaval, like the one triggered by an Israeli politician’s visit to Al-Aqsa in 2000. Gaza militants have shot missiles and balloons with combustible devices connected to them in support of the protesters as an unofficial cease-fire with Israel has begun to fray.

Arab communities held rallies inside Israel and in Occupied West Bank. A series of violent shootings in the West Bank last week has also raised tensions.

Jordan and other Arab nations that have friendly ties with Israel have denounced its crackdown on the protests, while Israel’s archenemy Iran has supported Palestinian attacks. The U.S. and the EU have condemned the clash and showed concern about the evictions.

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In short, whole world is looking forward to an end of Israel-Palestine conflict.

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