Google Pay loan service for Google Pay users, get a loan of 1 lakh with one click

Google Pay loan: If you use Google Pay, then this news is of your use. If you need one lakh rupees in any emergency, then this service of Google Pay will be of great help to you. Google Pay has started the instant loan facility for their customers.

Google Pay loan service for Google Pay users, get a loan of 1 lakh with one click

A person should be a Google Pay user to get Google Pay Loan

To take advantage of this service, you should use Google Pay. And your credit history is required for Google Pay Loan. If you fulfill both criteria, you can get a personal loan of up to one lakh rupees in minutes.

DMI Finance service

DMI Finance Limited has launched a new service to offer Digital Personal Loan with Google Pay.

Benefits for Google Pay users

Google Pay users will get double benefits under this service. First, you will get a great customer experience on Google. Secondly, you can take Instant Personal Loan from DMI Finance.

Who will get the benefit of the Google Pay loan?

Not every user who uses Google Pay will get the benefit of instant loan service. Based on your credit history, Google and DMI Finance will decide whether you will get the loan or not. Under this facility, DMI Finance will decide the pre-qualified eligible users according to their set criteria. And only those customers will get the loan through Google Pay.

If you are a pre-approved customer then your Instant Loan application will be processed in real-time. Within a few minutes of the process, money will come into your bank account.

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For how many months will the loan be available?

With this, you can take a loan up to a maximum of one lakh rupees. And, you have to repay this amount in a maximum of 36 months. This service of DMI Finance and Google Pay is being started for more than 15 thousand pin codes in the country.

Know the complete process here

  1. First of all, open the Google Pay app on mobile.
  2. If you are eligible to get a Pre-Approved Loan, then the Money option will appear under Promotions.
  3. Here you click on Loans.
  4. Now, the Google Pay Loan Offers option will open. In this, the option of DMI will appear.
  5. Here you have to complete the application process.
  6. The amount will come into your bank account after the application process and loan approval.

Google Pay Loan Required Documents

Let’s see the required documents for Google Pay Loan offers.

  • Pan Card (The most essential document you will need for Google Pay Instant Loan is Pan Card)
  • Address Proof (voter id or other address proof is required for your address verification)
  • Bank Statement (Bank account in which you want money)

“Select the company from which you want to take a loan as in the given screenshot and follow the given process.”

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