What is Google Bard? Google Bard launches; key details here

Search giant Google has opened up access to its ChatGPT rival chatbot Bard to more than 180 countries, while also removing a waitlist that was required for access.

Google has also added a number of new features to Bard in a bid to take control of the AI chatbot landscape, currently dominated by OpenAI's ChatGPT.

How to use Bard for free: 1) Go to Bard's official website at https://bard.google.com

2) Click on the 'Try me' option at the bottom right corner of the page

3) Agree to Google Bard's privacy policy by clicking on 'I agree' at the bottom of the page

4) You can now use Google Bard for free without going through a waitlist

The chatbot is now available in more than 180 countries and territories, and Google promises to add support for more countries soon.

However, Bard is still in the beta stage and, like other generative AI-based chatbots, is prone to making mistakes and 'hallucinating'.