Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcome their first child

By Chitransh Sharma

The celebrity singer and her partner A$AP Rocky have welcomed their first child, a source near to the duo confirmed.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have not yet shared their child's name or birthday.

Rihanna, 34, and A$AP Rocky, 33, have been mates for years and shared their romantic connection in May 2021.

A$AP Rocky called her "the love of my life" during a discussion with GQ, adding that fatherhood was "in my destiny."

A$AP added: "I think I’d be an incredible, remarkably, overall amazing dad. I would have a very fly child. Very.”

In her Vogue cover story, Rihanna disclosed that the pair's latest experience with parenthood wasn't something they had intended, but they also weren't opposed to the idea. 

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By Chitransh Sharma

Congratulations rihanna