Must-know points about the newly-built Ram Temple in Ayodhya

 The temple is being built in traditional Nagara style.

 The length of the temple (from east to west) will be 380 feet, the width will be 250 feet and the height will be 161 feet.

The temple will be three stories tall. The height of each floor will be 20 feet. There will be a total of 392 pillars and 44 gates in the temple.

There will be a child form of Lord Ram (deity of Ram Lalla) in the main sanctum and Shri Ram Darbar on the first floor.

There will be 5 pavilions in the temple: Dance Pavilion, Color Pavilion, Sabha Pavilion, Prayer Pavilion, and Kirtan Pavilion.

Statues of Gods and Goddesses are carved on the pillars and walls.

Entry to the temple will be from the east side, by climbing 32 stairs and from Singhdwar.

There will be a rectangular wall all around the temple. Its total length in all four directions will be 732 meters and its width will be 14 feet.