Friends TV Series: Rachel's hairstyles have created a lot of buzz, besides her style statement and fashion looks. Check this guide on the best Rachel Green haircuts.

Rachel’s Ponytail:

Rachel’s pretty pony is mesmerizing, and she has set the direction of messy looks back then onwards! It is easy and brings on an adorable vibe too.

Half Tied

This lovely half-tied and pinned-up hairstyle is attractive and adorable too. It brings on a youthful look quickly. This one is quite a trend back then and even now.

Beautiful Waves

The lovely feminine appearance is thrown upon us as casually as possible and looks so precious and breathtaking. 

Straight Soft Look

This plain hair and simple, elegant look are often the typical trends we spot around us, but here is the secret. It all depends on how well we carry it.

Hair Highlights

This was Rachel's experimental look in Friends, and we know how fans received it so well. It adds to a nice trendy vibe and vibrant hues quickly.

Layered Bob

The layered bob is a very unique choice even today. But when this hairstyle was released, many fans ran to the saloon to replicate a similar look. That’s how popular the Rachel Green short hair look has become!

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By Chitransh Sharma