[Working] How to download YouTube videos in Mobile or Laptop Storage

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing and social media platform. In 2014, YouTube added its offline feature, allowing users to save YouTube videos to their devices. Android and IOS users could use Mobile data or a Wi-fi network to download YouTube videos. 

Although YouTube’s Offline feature allows users to download videos, they stay within the app, which means they have to open the app each time they want to watch a video. In addition, they couldn’t also watch the downloaded videos on other video watching apps such as MX Player, VLC, etc. But after reading this post, you can download YouTube videos into your mobile or laptop memory and watch them on any device. 

Download YouTube videos in Mobile Storage

Step:1 Open YouTube

Firstly, we have to open YouTube app in Mobile.

Step:2 Open video, and Copy video link

Start the YouTube app and select the video you wish to download in your storage or gallery. After opening the video, click the share option above the subscribe button. Copy the video link on the clipboard.

How to Download YouTube videos in gallery
How to Download YouTube Videos: Copy Link address

Step:3 Open Google chrome in desktop mode and Paste the copied link

After you have copied the link address of the YouTube video that you want to download, open Google Chrome (or any other web browser) in Desktop mode, and paste the copied link.

Download Youtube video in Gallery
How to download youtube video in gallery: Paste the copied link in the browser.

Step:4 Copy link from the browser and paste it again

When we first paste the link that we have copied from YouTube, the browser displays another link. We have to copy that link and paste it again into the browser. Replace “https://www.” with “ss”. This process will redirect us to the savefrom.net page, from where we can download Youtube videos in the phone’s memory.

YouTube video Downloading in Chrome

Step:5 Download selected video

After writing “ss” at the end of the link, we will be redirected to savefrom.net, where a downloading option will be available. Download and enjoy the video.

Youtube video downloading in Mobile storage
How to download YouTube video

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Download YouTube videos in LapTop/PC Storage

Step:1 Open Browser

First, we have to open a browser and then type YouTube.com. After that, select the video you want to download and play that video.

Step:2 Copy link and paste in new tab

When the video starts playing, we have to copy that link and paste it into another tab, and again we have to replace “https://www.” with “ss”.

Copy video link to download YouTube video in desktop
Copy video link

Step:3 Download YouTube video

The second step will redirect us to the savefrom.net page, from where we can download our selected video.

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