Indian Celebs who have the guts to question the Government.

Before 2014, many Bollywood Celebrities and Cricket stars used to talk about public problems like petrol price hikes, unemployment, etc. But, when the NDA government came into power, it becomes hard to find Indian celebs who have the guts to question the government about any public problem. Celebrities who use to talk about the petrol price hike in 2014, they not even said a word when petrol is touching Rs100.

In the last 2-3 years, we have witnessed many peaceful protests, but only a handful of celebs come forward to support them. But, some Celebrities raised the voice of peaceful protestors and also joined the protest. This is the list of Indian celebs who have the guts to question the government:

Indian Celebs who have guts to question the government
Indian Celebs who have guts to Question the Government

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Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar is a well-known Indian actress who is famous for her work in Hindi Film Industry. She completed her master’s degree from JNU (one of the most controversial and top universities in India.) And, she questions the government for its wrong policies and supports Peaceful protest. We can see many photos and tweets in which she is supporting farmers against the farm bills. On 17 Dec 2020, she joins the farmer’s protest. After that, she shared photos on Twitter and wrote, “A humbling day, to see the grit, resolve and determination of protesting farmers and the elderly at #SinghuBorder #FarmersProtests.”

Swara Bhaskar
Swara Bhaskar’s tweet on 4 Feb 2021

Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh is an Indian singer and songwriter. He is also an actor and television presenter in Hindi and Punjabi cinema. Diljit was born in a village in Punjab and has seen farming closely. That’s why he joined the farmer’s protest a few days after the farmer reached Delhi. He addressed the farmers and also provided financial and moral support to the farmers.

Diljit Dosanjh
Diljit Dosanjh


Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is an Indian actress, singer, and film producer. Her tweet shows that no matter where you live in this world if you were born in India, you always will be an Indian. She shows her support for farmers in her 6 Dec 2020’s tweet. She wrote, “Our farmers are India’s Food Soldiers. Their fears need to be allayed. Their hopes need to be met. As a thriving democracy, we must ensure that this crisis is resolved sooner than later.”

Priyanka Chopra’s tweet

Vishal Dadlani

Vishal Dadlani is an Indian singer, songwriter, and music composer. His tweet in support of farmers was telling the truth about farmers’ protests. He wrote on his Twitter handle, “Sikh farmers who were served water cannons and tear-gas, providing drinking water to the very soldiers who attacked them. The word #Sikh comes from the word for “disciple” but they are teachers of strength, courage, and the true meaning of #Satyagraha. #JaiKisaan”.

Vishal Dadlani’s Tweet

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Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu is one of the most talented Indian Actresses. Her tweet was very thoughtful. Her tweet comes after a lot of celebrities and cricketers started to tweet about MEA’s statement using hashtags #IndiaTogether and #IndiaAgainstPropaganda. She wrote, “If one tweet rattles your unity, one joke rattles your faith or one show rattles your religious belief then it’s you who has to work on strengthening your value system not become ‘propaganda teacher’ for others”.

Taapsee Pannu’s Tweet

Many other celebrities raised their voice against the wrong, and stand with common men but, can’t make it to the list. We want to say to them, keep working and keep raising your voice.

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